Malaysian animation studio, Monsta revealed a long-awaited FIRST LOOK at its upcoming new animated series: Mechamato on its YouTube channel and official social media platforms today following a teaser video announced the day before.


▲ Some never-seen-before footages of Amato and a Power Sphera named MechaBot in this First Look video. Watch it now!


The new series will follow the adventures of a young boy named Amato who somewhat inadvertently becomes the master of MechaBot, a Power Sphera with the power to mechanize any object.


Long-time fans and followers of Monsta may already be familiar with the term ‘Power Sphera’ from the studio’s hit Elemental Superhero series, BoBoiBoy. Within the series’ universe, Power Spheras are sphere-like robots with special powers or abilities that can be harnessed by its master. Monsta will carry forth the same theme of a ‘hero and robot‘ pair in the new Mechamato series as well.


▲ ‘Power Spheras‘ that have appeared in the BoBoiBoy Galaxy series


Ever since the shocking revelation in the post-credits scene of BoBoiBoy Movie 2 (2019) showing a mysterious armored character who was referred to as, “Amato” and later revealed to be BoBoiBoy‘s father through an old photograph, speculations have been rife among diehard fans and casual viewers alike. Many are hopeful for a deeper look into Amato as a character and his connection with BoBoiBoy.


▲ A man in red armor at the end of BoBoiBoy Movie 2 (2019) was revealed to be BoBoiBoy‘s father


▲ Many netizens are looking forward to Mechamato‘s story and how it connects to BoBoiBoy‘s. This post gained 11K ❤ on Twitter.


▲ The confirmation that Amato is BoBoiBoy‘s father as a young boy is a point of curiosity and excitement among many fans.


▲ Another fan excited for the Mechamato series.


▲ Amato and MechaBot’s first encounter did not start off on friendly terms.


The ‘Mechamato Series: First Look’ video showed what appeared to be the very first meeting between Amato and MechaBot.


The ‘Mechamato Series: First Look‘ video showed what appeared to be the very first meeting between Amato and MechaBot. The latter seemed to have crash-landed on Earth when Amato discovered him. Both characters had a rough initial impression of each other to say the least. Later on in the video, MechaBot displayed his ‘mechanization’ abilities by mechanizing with random objects in his surroundings such as a trash bin, broom, and even a bicycle! The video peaked with a cool transformation sequence in which Amato dons MechaBot in the form of a red suit of armor, striking a pose on the streets, while the camera pans away to show a mysterious group of robots. The ending has a bit of a humorous tone that viewers will have to watch for themselves!


See screenshots from the video below ▼


▲ MechaBot transforming into an armored suit worn by Amato.


Netizens have taken off with the hashtag #HiMechamato on Twitter in anticipation for the release of the ‘Mechamato Series: First Look’ video.


▲ The official Mechamato Twitter account rallying fans and followers to use the #HiMechamato hashtag to send messages of support for the new series.


▲ A follower even set a reminder on their phone in preparation for Monsta’s exclusive ‘Mechamato Series: First Look video on 8th April.





▲ The #HiMechamato hashtag immediately gained quite a traction on Twitter even among international followers. The above are just a few examples among many.


▲ What sort of shenanigans and adventures would this new duo find themselves in?


▲ A clip of Amato struggling with a phone-like gadget that controls MechaBot.


Monsta teased the release of Mechamato Series: First Look days prior to the drop-date and many fans immediately took to social media platforms such as Twitter to share their excitement and eagerness for the reveal. Reactions ranged from giddy anticipation to even dramatic and intense emotional outbursts.



▲ Twitter users express delight upon Monsta revealing the drop-date for Mechamato’s early preview – 8.4.2020.


▲ A Japanese account tweeting about Mechamato. Many international fans from all over the world are hyped about the new series.


▲ A viewer’s reaction to the teaser video for ‘Mechamato Series: First Look‘.


▲ The dynamic between MechaBot the Power Sphera and Amato seems like it will be an amusing one.


According to Nizam Razak (Monsta’s Chief Executive Officer) in his social media post, the ‘First Look‘ video was initially intended for internal pitching purposes only and not for the public eye. However, in the hopes that it may entertain and cheer Monsta’s enthusiastic fanbase during the Movement Control Order (MCO) currently enforced throughout the country, Monsta decided to release the video to the masses.


▲ Nizam Razak’s post on his Facebook account explaining that the ‘First Look‘ video was originally only for internal purposes but released in light of the MCO.


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Monsta promises more exciting reveals regarding Mechamato in the near future so we suggest that you sit tight and get ready for a few surprises! In the meantime, do follow Mechamato on these official platforms: