1. Monsta Channel and Mini Monsta Channel started off as a platform for us to broadcast BoBoiBoy, our very own animated series, to fans.

2. Due to an overwhelmingly positive response from all over the world, MONSTA decided to take it a step further and turn Monsta Channel and Mini Monsta Channel into an animation hub on YouTube.

3. All the animations on Monsta Channel and Mini Monsta Channel are kids-friendly and safe for the whole family, and most of all, available legally for absolutely FREE.

4. Monsta Channel is targeted towards viewers aged 7 years old and above, while Mini Monsta Channel is for preschoolers.

5. We are working hard to bring you an even larger variety of local and internationally acclaimed animation series onto these platforms in the future such as Pokémon Sun & Moon, BOING The Play Ranger, Om Nom, Okolele, GO-3 Elemental Wheel, Impian REMI, Kertaz, Alif & Sofia, and many more!

6. Thanks to the tireless support of you guys, our beloved fans,  we have managed to reach a milestone of over 1.3 million subscribers on Monsta Channel and over 400, 000 subscribers on Mini Monsta Channel ever since they were established.

7. We hope that our fans will continue to support us through Monsta Channel and Mini Monsta Channel! Together, let us turn Monsta Channel and Mini Monsta Channel into the biggest animation hub in Malaysia and South-east Asia!

Source: Apa itu Monsta Channel dan Mini Monsta Channel?