▲ A new BoBoiBoy Movie 2 key visual was also revealed along with the teaser trailer release.

On 8th March 2019, Monsta released the long awaited teaser trailer for BoBoiBoy Movie 2!

Following the announcement by CEO of Animonsta Studios, Mr. Nizam Razak a month before, fans have been eagerly counting the days for the teaser trailer to drop. The online BoBoiBoy fan community has been rife with predictions and speculations ever since the teaser poster reveal video and the hype train ran on full steam!

Watch the teaser trailer for BoBoiBoy Movie 2 below:

▲ BoBoiBoy Movie 2 | Official Teaser Trailer ⚡

What are your thoughts on the teaser trailer? Did it amp up your excitement for the movie? Did anything (or anyone) catch your eye? How are you liking the new designs? We would love to know.


BoBoiBoy Movie 2 will hopefully be out during the August-September 2019 school break in Malaysia.


▲ Retak’ka, a powerful ancient being with sinister motives. What is he after?



“I am… Retak’ka.”

Our heroes will face a mysterious and powerful new foeRetak’ka will stop at nothing until he gains what he wants and he is coming for BoBoiBoy’s elemental powers! Will BoBoiBoy and friends survive their encounter with Retak’ka?

▲ Villain Retak’ka wants something from BoBoiBoy.

It will take quick thinking and teamwork for our heroes to defeat Retak’ka and his evil plans. But just who is Retak’ka? What does he have to do with BoBoiBoy’s elemental powers?  What is his true motive? Look forward to the movie to find out!


Meet Pipi! Daughter of Justice!


▲ Pipi Zola is Papa Zola’s adorable little girl.

Meet Pipi, the new addition to our cast of lovable characters! That’s right, this cheeky and bubbly little girl really is the daughter of our favourite Hero of Justice, Papa Zola!  When she’s not hijacking her daddy’s phone, she will be adventuring along with BoBoiBoy and friends in the movie.

Check out Pipi’s instagram posts when she mischievously got her hands on Papa Zola’s phone. Follow @papapipizola on Instagram!


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Pipi! 😗🤩😿❤👜

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See you guys on the big screen soon!